The University of Guadalajara


Located in the city of Guadalajara, our University is the public autonomous university system of Jalisco, heart of the Mexican culture.



CUTLAJOMULCO: Education for life

Created in 2021, amidst the pandemic for COVID 19, our campus incorporates the most recent international trends in higher education.

We are a multidisciplinary campus located in Tlajomulco, the southern area of Guadalajara. Our institution promotes local development from a global perspective, with innovation, research, impact and sustainability. We promote multiculturality, inclusion, democracy and equality for collective prosperity.



Hybrid learning multidimensional model



Dual Educational Model

The following degrees offer the oportunity for students to study in a dual environment, where they combine part-time of their studies with time in the industry:


1.Civil Engineering

2.Biotechnology Engineering

3.Industrial Design Engineering

4.Mechatronics Engineering

5.Bachelor on Administration and Business Management

6.Bachelor on Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Academic offer



Research Interests